Titan Zero Gravity Massage Chair

You have your mind made up about buying a zero gravity chair. Every one of your friends has one and they swear by the soothing action and relaxing effect of these chairs. A chair from Titan would be excellent for you. Built with the needs of the modern working individual in mind, Titan zero gravity chairs offer comforting relaxation whenever you need it. The chair can be shipped to any location in the USA.

When picking a Titan zero gravity chair, you need to put some factors into consideration. Things like the cost, size, features and the operating mechanism of the chair will all have an impact on the chair you end up buying. The price range of the chairs is wide, catering to all budgets big and small. If you are stretched financially, there are plenty of low cost zero gravity chairs that you can consider buying. The best of these range between $1,000 and $2,500. Mid range models costing about $3,000 to $5,000 come with a lot more features than the basic models. High end models will cost you $7,000 or more. These are the finest creations, built for ultimate comfort and luxury.

Titan includes a massage function in most of its zero gravity chairs. This function turns the chair into a multifunctional relaxation tool, operating as a zero gravity chair on one hand and a massage chair on the other. This massage function works the entire body, with a dedicated outer shoulder massage unit, as well as massage units targeting the arms, feet and calves. To complement the massage, the manufacturer includes a lower lumbar heat system and hip and seat vibration. Combined, these increase the effectiveness of the massage to deliver highly satisfactory results.

The Titan zero gravity chair is made using the latest relaxation chair technology. It operates using a multi-layered mechanism that coordinates between reclining the chair and providing the massage. The recline action is so smooth that the chair just glides into position when the zero gravity recline is activated and back up when the position is changed. The massage technology is built in such a way that you can choose the massage program you want to enjoy at any given time. Supplementing this efficient operation are functional and aesthetic features which make the chair an even greater delight to use. Note that the number of features included in the chairs vary from model to model. Normally, chairs with more features are sold at a higher price. Again, if the Titan model has few but premium features, its price may be higher than average. In deciding whether a zero gravity chair is right for you, evaluate whether you need all the features in the chair. When your finances are tight, opt for a basic design that gets the job done, even if it means no additional features.

The Titan zero gravity chair has been developed for optimal body relaxation. Choose a model that fits in well with your lifestyle to enjoy all the goodness the chair has to offer.