Kahuna Zero Gravity Massage Chair

A zero gravity massage chair is designed just like an astronaut seat. When NASA was designing the rocket seats, they wanted to give space travelers adequate chance to enjoy the ride while at the same time ensuring that they remained healthy and safe. By sitting in a reclining position, gravity does not work against the astronaut’s spine and lower back. They won’t get tired. The Kahuna zero gravity massage chair is designed using the same principle.

The zero gravity massage chair reclines up to 180 degrees which means that you can literally lie on it rather than sit. There are many reasons why manufacturers are investing both money and time in this category of chairs. Many studies have shown that a massage often reduces stress, pressure, relaxes muscles and even makes a person happy. The manufacturers of zero gravity chairs worked on the massage aspect of the chair and it is then that many people found reason to be buying them rather than visiting the massage parlors.

Given the many benefits that come with owning or sitting in the Kahuna massage chair, you need to know the factors that you need to consider when planning on buying one. The factors to consider include;

The space available. Day after day, the space available for occupancy shrinks. This in turn makes people live closer to each other which then means lesser space for everyone. In cities especially, you might find yourself with a very small patio or lounge. This will definitely limit the type and size of massage chair you can buy. Almost all Kahuna zero gravity massage chairs are easy to move and this will require that you locate the ideal place where they can place in well without compromising your house space.

The budget. The money you have will almost always determine what you can buy and what you can’t. As for zero gravity massage chairs, you have a wide range of prices to consider. However, if you were to consider what this chair is bound to do in your life, you will not rush in making a decision to own it. Budget well and visit numerous furniture stores. Where possible, haggle for the best deal.

The features of the chair. A Kahuna zero gravity massage chair is for sure a unique investment whose features you must carefully peruse through. A typical massage chair should recline between 130 and 180 degrees. This is to allow the least pressure on all parts of the body. It should also be made of high quality materials. The frame should also be strong enough to keep you safe and to also enable you enjoy the chair for many years.

The customer service. Customer service is and should never be overlooked especially if you are buying a high price item such as a zero gravity massage chair. Insist on knowing what type of warranty the seller is offering. Also note the way the dealer is attending you since it is the same exact way they will once the chair is out of their premises.