Infinity Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The comforting, relaxing effect of a masseur’s hand movements is something many people long for after a tiring day’s work. If only these massage services were offered free of charge. Unfortunately, you have to dig into your pocket every time you stop by a massage parlor. On days when you can’t afford to pay for a session at the masseur’s, you can only take your tired bones and limbs home and hope to wake up refreshed in the morning. What if you invested in something more rewarding than a 30-minute massage therapy session? It is possible with a zero gravity chair from Infinity. Sleek, modern and comfortable, Infinity zero gravity chairs do more than support your body; they make it easy for you to recline to the zero gravity position, lifting the weight off your back and allowing the body to break free from the pressure of gravitational pull.

Infinity makes its chairs from stainless steel tubes which are sturdy and durable. The tubes are coated with iron phosphate powder to increase strength and keep them rust free. Thanks to this preconditioning, the chair can be exposed to moist conditions and it won’t malfunction or suffer any kind of damage. The upholstered part of the chair is made from quality Textilene fabric or other suede-like material. The soft nature of this fabric ensures that you’re comfortable on the chair. Both the steel and fabric parts are easy to clean and maintain.

Each zero gravity chair from Infinity is made using advanced technology to ensure high performance and a good user experience. As a result, the chair reclines smoothly, making the transition from one position to another seamless. The jerking movements experienced in poor quality recipient chairs are absent in Infinity zero gravity chairs. The chairs are also highly adjustable, enabling different users to reset the positioning to one that suits their body. The headrest can be adjusted for more comfortable support, as can the armrests. Use the chair in the zero gravity positions or recline it to any angle as you like. You can also use the chair in an upright position, which makes the zero gravity chair one of the best ergonomic chairs to sit on while working.

Use your Infinity zero gravity chair indoors or outdoors. This flexibility in use gives the zero gravity chair an edge over other types of chairs, which can only be used either indoors or outdoors. If you plan to move the chair about a lot, choose one of the smaller, lighter models which are highly portable. A model with wheels will be easier to push around. The chair folds into a 6-in h bundle that can be easily stored in a number of places.

With the zero gravity chair, the days of aching joints and tired muscles will be over. Simply recline the chair in the zero gravity position to remove the pressure from the spine and enjoy the relaxing feeling of your weightless body. Infinity offers a number of recline angles with each chair. They can also be used in the upright position, providing adequate support for daily tasks.