Apex Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Among leading zero gravity chair brands in the USA is Apex, a modern creation made to indulge the body and provide the ultimate form of relaxation. With an Apex zero gravity chair, you don’t need to sign up for regular massage at your favorite massage spa. The chair offers all the benefits of a human massage – the chair movements are as soft and smooth as a human hand and the zero gravity inclination is more comfortable and relaxing than any other position you may adopt at the spa. Buying a zero gravity chair is a one-off expenses that pays over the years. Spend money on one today and you’ll continue using it for years without any recurring expenses, unlike paying a therapist, which you have to do any time you use their services.

Apex uses ultra modern technology in all their chairs. In fact, the company is among the few that have adopted 3D massage technology. Trust the 3D function in the zero gravity chair to deliver an extraordinary massage experience. The company has incorporated the massage function in most of their zero gravity chairs, so that you enjoy both the zero gravity position and a massage when you buy the chair. The chairs have an option of turning off either of these functions, so that you enjoy the zero gravity recline or the massage at a time. The second option is that of turning on both functions, such that you enjoy a massage while lying in the zero gravity position. The Apex massage technique combines the roller massage system and the S-track massage movement to guarantee variation in intensity and impact.

Each Apex zero gravity chair is made in a space saving design which makes it possible to use the chair in squeezed spaces. While the manufacturer makes each chair as less demanding on space as possible, the actual chair size varies. Some models are more compact, while others look bigger. Assembling the chair is easy. Apex includes a detailed easy-to-follow user guide with each chair. Here, the chair assembly steps are outlined. To give the chairs longevity, the manufacturer uses premium quality metal, usually steel, to make the chair frames. Soft, fabric upholstery makes the chair comfortable during use.

Use the various chair adjustments to change the positions and incline. The zero gravity position gives the best form of relaxation. However, you can also adjust the chair to other, less ‘severe’ recline angles, depending on what position you would like to be in. You may also use the chair in the regular upright position, a position that allows you to carry out common tasks while on the chair. For instance, working while seated on a zero gravity chair gives you an ergonomic advantage that’s lacking in many chairs and is very comfortable.

An Apex zero gravity chair is all you need to enjoy unlimited relaxation whenever you need it. Use it at home, outdoors or in the office; any location is perfect for a zero gravity chair. Use the settings to set the chair in the most ideal position and begin to enjoy new companion.