Massage is increasingly becoming part and parcel of many people’s lives. Ideally, massage is the art of working on different parts of the body while applying pressure. The traditional way of performing a massage involved the use of the knee, palm, thumb, forearm and elbows. The whole idea of having a massage is to relax the body. Massages are also done to improve the health of a person both mentally and physically.

With the passing of years and as massage became popular and appreciated as a vital art in people’s daily lives, innovators went to work. The first massage chair was invented in Japan in the late 19th century. In the 1950s, many companies were making their maiden massage chairs. This earlier type of massage chairs were designed to give easy access to the neck, shoulders and back of a person.
After the discovery of the massage chair, people started becoming interested in this ingenious innovation which could work wonders without the need of having a masseur around. People who entered the massage industry in the earlier years would buy a chair and carry it around to their clients’ premises. This called for massages to be done without the recipient necessarily removing their clothing because these massages were done in public places mainly.

In 1970s, massage chair makers came up with the innovative design of massage chairs which could give a recipient a full body massage using the clutching mechanism. These chairs incorporated kneading and pounding. Meanwhile, people were finding the need to privately own these chairs because of the privacy they offered and also for the benefits they brought along. Indeed, it is during this era of the robotic massage chairs that the professional massage chair service providers started losing clients to the actual massage chair sellers. Today there are very many types of massage chairs that have been designed with varying technology but whose primary function is to offer you varying degrees of body massages. Among the most popular of these are zero gravity massage chairs.

There are several considerations that you as a buyer must beware of before buying a zero gravity massage chair. These considerations are important because they'll help you identify the right chair depending on your person needs, space available, budget available and also the benefits you want to reap from it.

Considerations when buying a zero gravity massage chair
First know your needs – Your needs can easily be determined by your physiotherapist. You could be suffering from arthritis or any other joint related disease whose bad effects will stop being severe once you relax in a massage chair. If you don’t have a person who can professionally advise you on the body parts that require massaging, then consider evaluating yourself. A lot of people today are suffering from stress and back pains. The main culprit is the office chair which demands you sit on it for long hours. You could also be looking for a simple way to relax during the weekends or evenings after work.

Check out the features of the chair – Different zero gravity massage chairs have different features. This means that different chairs will give you different forms of massages. It is for this reason you should be fully aware of your needs first. Some of the common features in many zero gravity massage chairs include the ability to recline, availability of different types of massages and ease of use. Some of the features that will distinguish the chairs include leg and foot massagers, music ports, heated back, arm massagers, motorized recliners and zero gravity capability. Prioritization of features will ultimately help you identify the right massage chair to take home with you.

Seat material – A good zero gravity massage chair is supposed to last past your excitement phase. It should continue serving you years after the initial intense excitement has faded. The material used to make the chair matters considerably. Leather is preferred because it is hardy yet comfy. While it is soft to the touch, it is also durable even after years of usage. The fabric material will inevitably become tattered after a few years of usage.

Reclining capacity – Zero gravity massage chairs should be able to knead the stress out of your body. The best position is when you are lying on the tools integrated in the chair. When shopping for a chair, look for the one that can recline to your liking. If you love watching TV or reading a novel while sitting in your reclined chair, then look for one that can take your weight for a long time when reclined.

Armrest positioning – Many zero gravity massage chairs have an armrest. There are those that don’t offer an armrest. If you are not for an armrest in your chair, then you can pick any one of the chairs without one. If on the other hand you cherish a chair with a comfortable armrest, then you need to check out the different ones offered by the featured massage chairs. There are chairs with adjustable armrests and there are even those that have massage tools in the armrests.

Warranty offered by seller – A zero gravity massage chair obviously requires more investment than a normal chair and because you want the best massage experience, you will have invested in the best chair you can afford. The chair depends on a number of tools and mechanisms to make it function properly. You need an assurance besides word of mouth that you will enjoy massages long after the first month of owning it is over.

Price Range of the chair – There are modern zero gravity massage chairs that cost more than some car models. Yet there are some that will cost you less than $1000. Depending on your needs and preferences, your budget should easily get you a perfect massage chair that is both effective and long lasting.

Appearance of the chair – Of the different types of zero gravity massage chairs in the market, you should easily find the one that appeals to your eyes. There are leather, synthetic leather, polished wood and even plastic chairs to choose from.

Zero gravity massage chairs have over the years gained importance not only in masseurs’ premises but also in homes. Many people are finding themselves giving priority to owning a massage chair.

The benefits that you stand to enjoy once you own a massage chair are intense and many. They include;

Reduction of pain and tension in muscles. If you are suffering from back pain or from any other pain in the body which relates to joints or muscles, a zero gravity massage chair will effectively relieve it. All the discomfort that you get from sitting for long hours in the office chair are drastically reduced when you take some minutes off to sot on the massage chair. By going for a massage, you also reduce the intake of pain killers.

Your energy gets a boost. Every time you relax in a zero gravity massage chair, your muscles are kneaded to full relaxation. The chair will stretch your muscles and knead paining joints. This means that every time you sit in a massage chair, you come out as a new person with renewed vigor and energy. It is a key source of energy especially if your work is energy draining.

Relieving emotional stress. Many studies conducted have established that physical stress leads to emotional stress. Daily work can leave you with negative thoughts which can eventually lead to emotional stress. This kind of stress has been found to cause cardiovascular ailments, anxiety and depression. This chair will give you a therapeutic massage which will concentrate on your back, neck, shoulders and even arms. The feel-good experience enhances your brain to work on a positive thinking path.

Correcting bad posture. A zero gravity massage chair has the capacity to straighten your back. The chair works on your spinal alignment to ensure that the slouchy posture you have acquired from regular use of office chairs gets corrected. The effect is permanent because it is the vertebrae that get aligned.

Reduction of lactic acid build-up. Contemporary living styles have forced people to continually stress their bodies. This means that radical cells and lactic acid builds up in the body. These bad elements in the body lead to unhealthy bodies which are susceptible to common ailments. Blood flow suffers in a major way when these elements build-up in your system. A zero gravity massage chair will improve your blood flow and at the same time help it get rid of these elements from the body.

A massage chair is obviously a cool thing to have. It excites and makes your body feel relaxed. When it comes to investing in a zero gravity massage chair, you need to consider the different features in the chair. Each of the features should have a corresponding benefit. It is by knowing what every feature has to offer that you can actually enjoy your massage chair to the fullest. Because your body is ever in need of a being rejuvenated, this chair is an ideal companion to have in your home.